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Breaking Down Barriers

Seventeen years ago the majestic sounding single Conquistador hit the popular charts with the authority of a cymbal crash.

Part Land Part Water – The Partland Bros.

Part Land Part Water – The Partland Bros. PRM – Sep 04 1983 The Partlands had three Top 50 hits when they were with Capitol throughout the late ’80s…

Music With A Poetic Message

Music With A Poetic Message

In the 1960s it was Dylan, in the 1970s it was Springsteen, and in the 1980’s it’s Red Rider. The common theme is music with a message. Says Red Rider vocalist-composer Tom Cochrane.

Good Grief! Canadian Rock Is Expounding

Red Rider – Poor Tom Cochrane’s got it all wrong. Doesn’t know you can’t try and be intellectual in rock ‘n’ roll, especially the Canadian Variety.

Ned Powers

Ned Powers

Tom Cochrane, leader of Red Rider, believes the band is gaining its remarkable recognition because it finally establishes an identity. The band will play at 7 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Proud Pushers Of All-Canuck Rock

Proud Pushers Of All-Canuck Rock

It’s all occurred quite subtly. No one was really aware of the secret society known as Friends of the Beaver, a society dedicated to the promotion of Canadian rock ‘n’ roll.

Band's New Wave Of Popularity

Band’s New Wave Of Popularity

When Tom Cochrane, lead singer-songwriter for Red Rider, was running along the sand at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach earlier this week, it wasn’t because he needed the exercise.

Rider Of The Storm - Red Rider

Rider Of The Storm

Tom Cochrane’s songs tell of struggle and justice – not at all your usual rock lyrics. A note to Wreck Beach Nudists: No, that wasn’t the Chariots of Fire sequel being filmed from a helicopter.