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Red Rider Gambles On Neruda

Red Rider Gambles On Neruda

The alarming image of an urban mob’s peverse fascination with death in Power (Strength in Numbers) opens Neruda, Red Rider’s most lyrically powerful release to date

Red Rider Pays Homage To A Poet

Red Rider Pays Homage To A Poet

Red Rider – Neruda. When Pablo Neruda was offered a high-ranking government by his good friend Salvadore Allende, president of Chile, the South American poet could not accept.

New Sophistication For Red Rider

New Sophistication For Red Rider

Red Rider: Neruda (Capitol. You don’t have to be familiar with Red Rider to enjoy the most recent efforts of this Canadian rock band. Although better known for their hits, White Hot and Lunatic Fringe, Red Rider has taken to tackling ling more challenging dimensions with Neruda

Red Rider's Return Solid and Satisfying

Red Rider’s Return Solid And Satisfying

Red Rider – Neruda. Mention contemporary Canadian rock and a number of names spring readily to mind. April Wine, Loverboy, Rush, Rough Trade, Saga and The Payolas, just to mention a few.

Riding The Beach Boys Wave

Riding The Beach Boys’ Wave

It’s odd enough the Beach Boys will play their summery rock in the dead of fall on their current tour. It’s even odder they chose Canadian hard-rockers Red Rider to open the shows.

As Far As Siam - Neruda

As Far As Siam – Red Rider (Review)

The second LP by Red Rider, As Far As Siam, (Capitol) is a considerable improvement over Don’t Fight it, which suffered from unexciting production and the group’s indecisiveness.

Red Rider’s Second Album Yet Another Winner

Red Rider’s Second Album Yet Another Winner

As Far As Siam, Red Rider, Capitol. Red Rider’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tom Cochrane, is one of the few rock composers capable of writing songs in Cinemascope and Technicolor.

Band's Best When It's Soft - Red Rider Article

Band’s Best When It’s Soft

There’s an interesting chemistry about Red Rider. When leader Tom Cochrane’s husky haunting voice clicks with the subtle slide-guitar of Ken Greer, the band zeros in on an ethereal mood.

Compatibility Key To Success - Red Rider

Compatibility Key To Success

As Lead singer Tom Cochrane put’s it “the band that plays together, stays together.” Thus lies the secret to Red Rider’s compatibility, as Cochrane and bassist Jeff Jones disclosed Thursday.

Don’t Fight It – Red Rider (Review)

One of the fastest rising Canadian singles of late is White Hot by a Toronto band named Red Rider. The song comes in a picture sleeve.